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  • 2023-09-27

    After stainless steel pipe fittings are processed by processes such as forming and welding, the metal molecular structure, magnetic properties, and physical properties change. The atmosphere-protected solid solution process can restore the corrosion resistance affected after processing, and at the s

  • 2023-09-22

    The wave detection technology of straight seam steel pipe welds is a detection technology that has gradually emerged in recent years and is of great significance for improving the stability of straight seam steel pipes. Regarding the specific applications and common problems of wave detection of str

  • 2023-09-20

    The use of stainless steel has become more widespread with the development of the economy. People are closely related to stainless steel in their daily lives. However, many people do not know much about the performance of stainless steel, and they know even less about the maintenance of stainless st

  • 2023-09-18

    1. Before installation, carefully check the various standards of the stainless steel elbow to see if the diameter meets the usage requirements, eliminate defects caused by the transportation process, and eliminate the dirt on the stainless steel elbow. Make preparations before installation and be re

  • 2023-09-13

    The internal and external epoxy resin-coated steel pipe is a steel-plastic steel pipe made of welded steel pipe as the base material and adopts sandblasting chemical dual pre-treatment, preheating, internal and external coating, curing, post-processing, and other processes. It has excellent comprehe

  • 2023-09-11

    Large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are used in pipeline installation. There are many installation methods and good use effects. Large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are used in fire-fighting pipelines and power pipeline installations. They all play an important role in underground mining

  • 2023-09-07

    Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe: Hot rolling is relative to cold rolling, cold rolling is rolling below the recrystallization temperature, and hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature.Advantages of hot rolled seamless steel pipe:It can destroy the casting structure of the steel

  • 2023-09-05

    The stages of the mechanical expansion process of large-diameter steel pipes:The steel plate is first pressed into a U shape and then into an O shape in the forming mold, and then internal and external submerged arc welding is performed. After welding, the diameter is usually expanded at the end of

  • 2023-08-31

    With the continuous development of our country's economy, the country is vigorously developing the energy industry. Long-distance API oil and gas pipelines are an important way to ensure energy security. During the anti-corrosion construction process of oil (gas) pipelines, the surface treatment of

  • 2023-08-29

    Thin-walled seamless steel pipes are made of steel ingots or solid tube blanks that are perforated into capillary tubes and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling, or cold drawing. Thin-walled seamless steel pipes play an important role in my country's steel pipe industry. Thin-walled seamless steel

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