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Galvanizing Requirements for Seamless Steel Pipes

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1. Zinc coating thickness: The thickness of the zinc coating on the surface of the seamless steel pipe shall meet the requirements specified in the relevant standards, such as GB/T 24186-2009《Seamless Steel Pipe for Fluid Transportation》. The general requirement is that the minimum zinc coating thickness shall be 60-80 micrometers.

2. Coating uniformity: The coating should be uniform in color and thickness, without significant fluctuations or patches.

3. Adhesion: The zinc coating should have good adhesion to the base material, and no peeling or flaking should be observed during the inspection.

4. Surface cleanliness: The surface of the galvanized seamless steel pipe should be clean and free of oil, dust, and other foreign matter.

5. Mechanical properties: The galvanized layer should have sufficient mechanical strength to withstand the expected service conditions.

6. Corrosion resistance: The galvanized seamless steel pipe should exhibit good corrosion resistance in the intended application.

7. Inspection and testing: The galvanizing process should be subject to regular inspection and testing to ensure compliance with the specified requirements.

8. Storage and handling: The galvanized seamless steel pipes should be stored and handled properly to prevent damage to the galvanizing layer.

9. Chemical composition: The steel pipe used for galvanizing should have a suitable chemical composition to ensure the quality of the galvanized layer.

10. Certification: Relevant product certification, such as ISO 9001, should be obtained to ensure the quality of the galvanized seamless steel pipes.




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