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How to improve the quality of spiral steel pipe

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The appearance of the spiral steel pipe is not treated, which is beneficial to improve its service life.

1. Use a wire brush, sandpaper, and other tools to polish the surface of the anticorrosive spiral pipe, which can remove loose oxide scale, rust, welding slag, etc.

2. Use solvents and emulsions to clean the surface of the anticorrosive spiral tube, which can remove the inorganic matter on the surface of the spiral tube, but it cannot remove the rust, oxide scale, solder, etc., so the cleaning can only be used as an auxiliary wrist.

3. The pipeline anticorrosion adopts chemical pickling, which can remove oxide scale, rust, and old coating, and can make the appearance reach a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness.

4. The high-power motor drives the spraying (throwing) blade to rotate at a high speed, so that the steel grit, steel shot, iron wire section, mineral, and other abrasives will stop spraying (throwing) the surface of the anticorrosive steel pipe under the action of centripetal force, which can not only eliminate it. Rust, oxide, and dirt, and the anti-corrosion steel pipe can reach the required average roughness under the action of the violent impact and friction of the abrasive.




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