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How to judge the quality of spiral welded steel pipe

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How to judge the quality of spiral welded steel pipe

1. From the surface of the spiral steel pipe, see whether the production process of the spiral steel pipe is superb. Generally, it is necessary to study and analyze spiral steel, and the cross-section of counterfeit spiral steel pipe is elliptical. The reason is that the manufacturer saves raw materials, and the reduction of the first two rolls of the finished product is slightly larger. The compressive strength of this spiral steel pipe is greatly reduced, and it does not meet the specifications and dimensions of the screw steel product.

The high-quality spiral steel pipe has symmetrical composition, high cold shear tonnage, and the inner hole of the cutting head is smooth and neat. However, counterfeit and inferior materials are poor in materials, and the frequent use of cut-off holes will cause unevenness and lack of metallic texture.

2. Tap the spiral steel pipe and listen to the sound after the percussion. If the sound is brittle and the echo is not chaotic, it means that the spiral steel pipe is made of new material technology, rather than the comprehensive development and utilization of discarded spiral steel pipes.

3. Spiral steel pipe butt weld shape detection is a detection mode with simple detection technology and universal application ability. It is an important content of finished product quality detection. The key is to find out the defects and specification errors of the spiral steel pipe welding surface. Generally, the test is carried out according to the human eye inspection, relying on special tools such as specification models, meters, and high magnifying glasses. If the welding surface is defective, there will be defects inside the welding.




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