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Matters needing attention in purchasing thick-walled steel pipes

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The wall thickness can be called thick-walled steel pipe. There are some doubts about this. It depends on the ratio of the outer diameter of the steel pipe to the wall thickness of the steel pipe. For example, a steel pipe with a diameter of 50 mm, 10 mm can be regarded as a thick-walled steel pipe. However, for the diameter of 219 mm, 10 mm is only a thin-walled steel pipe. The basic definition of thick-walled steel pipe lies in what customers call him. Note that when purchasing thick-walled steel pipes, customers must clarify the material of their steel pipes and the length of each steel pipe, because this involves the number of mechanically processed parts and some waste.

Then there are the detailed dimensions of the inner and outer diameters of the steel pipe. This is to be counted inside because there are some parts to be processed. Thick-walled steel pipes, as a kind of mechanically processed steel pipes, have many classifications. Customers must make clear whether they need hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, or seam thick-walled steel pipes, and some cast steel thick-walled steel pipes and hot-forged thick steel pipes. The form, the description that can be substituted, the direct emphasis that can not be substituted.




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