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Pre-treatment and use of straight seam steel pipe

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Pre-treatment and use of straight seam steel pipe

Pre-treatment of straight seam steel pipe:

Non-destructive inspection of the inside of the weld. Because the pipeline belongs to the extra-large steel pipe in the water supply project, especially the steel pipe with a thickness of t=30mm is used as a pipe bridge, which not only bears the internal water pressure but also bears the weight of the steel pipe and the body of water. Bending moment, so the requirements for welding are particularly high. For large-diameter steel pipes with a thickness of t=30mm for pipe bridges, the longitudinal seams, and circumferential seams belong to the first class of welds, and 100% X-ray film inspection and 100% wave inspection are required; and for the thickness t= For the 24mm buried steel pipe, the longitudinal seam is a type of welding, and 20% X-ray film inspection and 50% wave flaw detection are performed.

The use of straight seam steel pipe:

There are many types of longitudinally welded pipes, according to their use: generally welded pipes, oxygen-blowing welded pipes, galvanized welded pipes, wire casings, roller pipes, metric welded pipes, automotive pipes, deep well pump pipes, transformer pipes, electric welded special-shaped pipes, electric welded thin-walled pipes.

General welded pipe: General welded pipe is used to transport low-pressure fluid. Made of Q235A, L245, Q235B steel.

Galvanized steel pipe is to coat the surface of the clarinet with a zinc layer. Divided into heat and cold. The hot zinc layer is thick and the cold price is cheap.

Oxygen-blowing welded pipes: generally, small-diameter welded steel pipes, commonly used for oxygen-blowing in steelmaking.

Wire casing: It is a pipe for power distribution structure, which is an ordinary electric welded carbon steel pipe.

Welded thin-wall pipe: It is a small-diameter pipe used for furniture and lamps.

Roller tube: The electric welded steel pipe on the belt conveyor has the required ovality.

Transformer tube: It is an ordinary carbon steel tube. Used to make transformer heat pipes and other heat exchangers.




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