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Precautions in the process of using spiral steel pipe

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Spiral steel pipe is a spiral seam steel pipe with steel reel as raw material, which is often heated and extruded, and welded by automatic double wire double-sided submerged arc welding process. The spiral steel pipe feeds the strip into the welded pipe unit. After rolling a plurality of rolls, the strip is gradually rolled up to form a circular tube blank having an open gap. Adjust the pressing amount of the press roller to control the weld gap to 1~3mm and make the end of the solder joint flush.


Therefore, the spiral steel pipe is spiral in the forming process, the elbow needs to be pressed by the press, and the spiral steel pipe cannot bear, so the raw material for the elbow does not include the spiral steel pipe.


First, the construction preparation of the spiral steel pipe before use

The pipe trench should be dug well, and the pipe well brickwork is completed, and various types of spiral steel pipes are required. All the required tools, including welders, cutters, hammers, polishers, etc., can be completed. A series of preparations can begin the installation.


Second, install spiral steel pipe

According to the drawing design, position the pipe, prefabricate the pipe rack according to the site conditions, then cut the material according to the design and on-site, then sand the groove with a sander and then weld.


Third, the use of quality requirements

1. The vertical installation of the riser should be less than 3 mm per meter and the horizontal installation should be less than 1 mm.

2. The branch pipe shall not be welded at the weld, and the weld shall be avoided at the bend.

3. The weld requirements are straight, the weld is full, and the weld surface is not burnt or cracked.




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