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Safety management of spiral steel pipe

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Safety management of spiral steel pipe

To solve the problem of misalignment in the alignment of spiral steel pipe nozzles, the following preventive measures should be taken in the quality management control:

1. Try to use the internal alignment device.

2. Do engineering measurement and trimming work during the assembly.

3. When the welded pipe group is aligned, do a good job of grading the welded pipe section.

4. Partially can use a copper hammer or copper plate hammer for analysis and correction.

5. When dislocation and deformation, the notch should be processed.

Safety management of spiral steel pipe:

1. Before assembling, carefully check whether the related equipment can operate normally. When assembling, a special person will direct and operate by relevant standards to avoid injury.

2. During construction, if it is necessary to pre-pave relevant pipelines with stone piers or sacks, the design of the cushion must have a firm foundation to prevent accidents caused by the rolling of the pipeline; it is strictly forbidden to use frozen soil and stones as the cushion for spiral steel pipes.

The correct use of spiral steel pipes directly affects the service life of steel pipes, so when assembling spiral steel pipes, they must comply with relevant specifications to avoid serious impact on subsequent use.




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