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Spiral welded pipe common forging equipment technology

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Spiral welded pipe common forging equipment commonly used hammer, hot die forging press, horizontal forging machine and friction press. The basic process of die forging process die forging process: cutting, heating, forging, forging, stamping, cutting edge, quenching and peening. Common processes are tipping, stretching, bending, stamping, and forming. Forged die forging, the heated blank is placed inside a fixed forging press forging forging. Directly cut off the left flange to handle the internal and external volume diameter and thickness of the disk, then bolt holes and water treatment. This produces a flange flange called a cut flange, such that the maximum diameter and media plate width are limited. The better quality of the forged flange, usually produced by forging, crystal fine microstructure, high strength, and of course expensive.




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