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Status and measures of galvanized steel pipe connection mode

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Status and measures of galvanized steel pipe connection mode

Improper connection situation

1. Leakage, water leakage, and dampness at the mouth of the pipe;

2. There is no re-galvanizing at the welding place of galvanized pipe and flange

Preventive measures against improper connection

1. In the selection of pipe materials, high-quality should be selected; the connection method should be finally determined through the design specification requirements and the size of the pipe fittings. The construction should be strictly carried out in accordance with the standard steps and processes of various connection methods.

2. When the DN is not greater than 100 mm, the galvanized steel pipe should be connected by a threaded connection.

3. Before connecting the galvanized pipe, screw the galvanized pipe by hand to check its tightness, and reserve enough margin to tighten the pipe fittings.

4. Wind the packing in a clockwise direction, and the winding should be even.

5. When the DN is greater than 100 mm, the galvanized steel pipe can be connected by a welding flange.

6. After the flange is welded, a second galvanizing is required. If you are not particularly sure about the blank size of the relevant parts, you can pre-assemble it first, and then perform secondary galvanizing if there is no problem.

7. When two flanges are connected, they should be in parallel. Do not forcibly connect non-parallel flanges.

8. The gasket should be placed between the two connected flanges. The material and thickness of the gasket should meet the specifications of the design or construction. The gasket should be made into a shape with a handle before installation. Into the flange. In addition, the edge should be as close as possible to the bolt hole, do not install two gaskets or the gasket is installed incorrectly.

9. For flange-mounted bolts, their length and diameter must meet the standard. In the direction, the installation must be consistent, that is, the nuts must be on the same side.

10. After the galvanized pipe is installed, a water pressure test should be carried out, mainly to check whether there will be leakage at each connection. If this happens, you should make a mark and wait for the repair to complete the inspection again until the inspection result is fully qualified.




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