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Various Uses of Welded Steel Pipes

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1. Welded steel pipes for low-pressure fluid transportation are used to transport water, gas, steam, compressed air, etc.; structural welded steel pipes can be used to manufacture scaffolding, trusses, towers, playgrounds, railings, etc.;

2. Special-shaped tubes for steel doors and steel windows are used to make steel doors and steel windows, using steel instead of wood;

3. Wire sleeves are used for laying wires and cables;

4. Automobile transmission shaft tubes are used to manufacture automobile transmission shaft assemblies;

5. Mechanical structural tubes are used to manufacture various machinery and accessories. Can be used as belt conveyor rollers, deep well pump pipes, sprinkler irrigation pipes, various automobile pipe fittings, various bicycle pipe fittings, etc.;

6. Furniture pipes are mainly used to manufacture various steel-wood structure furniture;

7. Small-diameter pipes can be used as radiator pipes for refrigerators and freezers, high-pressure oil pipes for automobiles, and brake pipes;

8. Boiler tubes are used to manufacture steam generator tubes, superheated steam tubes, water pipes, pipes, air preheater tubes and heat exchanger tubes;

9. Oil pipes are used as oil pipes, casings and oil pipelines;

10. The transportation pipelines use spiral welded pipes, and the transportation pipelines also use large-diameter straight seam welded pipes;

11. Variable cross-section tapered welded pipes are used as lamp posts;

12. Composite pipes and organic coated pipes can be used in special occasions that are resistant to various corrosions;

13. Stainless steel welded pipes are mainly used in the chemical industry and food industry.




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