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What Are The Common Water Pipe Fittings?

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1. **Elbows**: These fittings allow for a change in direction of the pipe, available in 90-degree, 4-degree, and other angles.

2. **Tees**: Tees are used to branch off from a main line to two or more other lines. They can be equal tee (all ports the same size), reducing tee (one port smaller than the others), or bridge tee (used for inspection purposes).

3. **Couplings**: Couplings are used to join two pipes together, and they come in threaded, solder, compression, and other types.

4. **Unions**: Threaded fittings that allow for the easy disconnection of the piping for maintenance or replacement without affecting the rest of the system.

5. **Caps**: Used to close off the end of a pipe, often for testing or as a temporary solution.

6. **Plugs**: Similar to caps but typically used in larger piping systems and may have threads or be driven into the pipe with a hammer.

7. **Straps and Hangers**: Used to support piping systems, often made of metal and used to secure piping to walls or ceilings.

8. **Traps**: Used to prevent the backflow of water and create a water seal, such as in drainage systems.

9. **Flow Directors**: These fittings are used to control the flow of water in a particular direction or path within the piping system.

10. **Reducers**: Used to connect pipes of different sizes, allowing for a smooth transition in pipe diameter.

11. **Swages**: Used to connect a pipe to a fitting or another pipe, often requiring the pipe to be flattened or swaged to fit securely.

12. **Pressure Relief Valves**: Used to relieve excess pressure in a system to prevent damage, typically installed in water heating systems.

13. **Check Valves**: Allow water to flow in one direction only, preventing backflow.

14. **Bolts and Nuts**: Used to secure fittings and joints in a piping system.

15. **Gaskets and Seals**: Essential for creating tight fits and preventing leaks at connections and joints.




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