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What Is The Non-destructive Testing of Seamless Cs Pipe?

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Non-destructive testing of seamless steel pipe refers to a series of testing methods used to inspect the internal and external quality of the steel pipe without damaging the pipe itself. Some common non-destructive testing methods for seamless steel pipe include:

1. Ultrasonic testing (UT): UT uses high-frequency sound waves to detect internal defects such as voids, inclusions, and microstructure in the steel pipe.

2. Magnetic particle inspection (MPI): MPI uses magnetic particles to detect magnetic field changes caused by internal defects in the steel pipe.

3. Radiographic testing (RT): RT uses X-rays or gamma rays to detect internal flaws in the steel pipe.

4. Penetrant inspection (PI): With the help of a penetrant such as dye or powder, defects in the steel pipe can be detected visually by examining the pattern of penetrant absorption.

These methods are commonly used to inspect the quality of seamless steel pipes, ensuring their safety and reliability for various applications.




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