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What are The Factors Affect Flanges Price

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Factors influencing flange price: flange material After all, the materials that can be produced are cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. The price of different materials is different, they will rise and fall with the price of steel in the market. After the change, the price of flange will be different. For example, the price of stainless steel flange and carbon steel flange will be different. Factors influencing flange price: flange specification After all, the size of the flange is different, and the amount of raw materials used in its production will be different. Of course, the price will be different. For example, large flange is better than ordinary flange. The price is more expensive. The production and processing of thin-walled flange is a few more steps than that of thick-walled flange, so the price is naturally higher than that of back wall flange. The price of flange with different inner diameter and outer diameter will be different. Factors influencing flange price: flange manufacturer Due to the formal and large flange manufacturers have rich experience in flange production, so their production equipment and production process are better, so they are naturally higher than small flange manufacturers. But we do not exclude some flange manufacturers, in order to better meet the needs of customers, and improve their own flange production technology, so that the flange produced has high quality and low price. Factors influencing flange price: quantity of customized flange There is a custom in the society, that is, if a large number of orders are made at one time, the flange manufacturer will make the price a little cheaper, otherwise it will be sold at the original price of the flange. Of course, there are also some small brand flange manufacturers. No matter how many flanges you customize, what they want is the price of flange production, not a little cheaper.




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