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Advantages of Oil Casing Drilling

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1. Reduce tripping time. It is about 5-10 times faster to change the drill bit with the wire rope than the traditional drill pipe trip;

2. Save the cost of procurement, transportation, inspection, maintenance, and replacement related to drill pipes and drill collars;

3. Because there is always a casing in the wellbore, there is no longer any swabbing effect on the wellbore when the drill pipe is tripped, so the well control situation is improved;

4. Eliminate the swabbing effect and pressure pulsation caused by tripping the drill pipe;

5. The continuous circulation of mud can be maintained when the drill bit is lifted and lowered by the wire rope, which can prevent the accumulation of drilling cuttings and reduce the occurrence of well kicks;

6. The return speed of the annular space and the condition of cleaning the wellbore has been improved.

7. It can reduce the size of the drilling rig, simplify the structure of the drilling rig, and reduce the cost of the drilling rig. The reasons are as follows:
(1) The improvement of hydraulic parameters reduces the demand for drilling rig mud pump power.
(2) The second-floor platform and the drill pipe box for discharging drill pipes can be eliminated,
(3) Drill pipe is no longer used,
(4) Oil casing drilling is based on a single casing, and it is no longer necessary to use a vertical root drilling method similar to double or three drill pipes, so the height of the derrick can be reduced, and the weight of the base can be reduced; for deep well drilling rigs In other words, to build a drilling rig based on single-root drilling, the structure and weight of the derrick and base are much simpler than those based on vertical root drilling;

8. The drilling rig is lighter and easier to move and operate. The amount of manual labor and costs will be reduced;

9. According to the calculations of other overseas companies, drilling a 10,000-foot well can save about 30% of the drilling time.




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