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Affecting process factors of high-frequency longitudinal welded pipe

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The main process parameters of high-frequency longitudinally welded steel pipes include welding heat input, welding pressure, welding speed, opening angle, the position and size of the induction coil, and the position of the resistor. These parameters have a greater impact on the improvement of high-frequency longitudinally welded steel pipe product quality, production efficiency, and unit capacity. Good matching of various parameters can enable manufacturers to obtain considerable economic benefits.

(1) Reasonable control of welding heat input can achieve higher weld quality.

(2) The amount of extrusion is generally controlled at 2.5~3 mm. The burr extruded is upright, and the weld can obtain higher toughness and tensile strength.

(3) Control the welding V angle at 4°~5°, and produce at a higher welding speed as much as possible under the conditions of the unit capacity and welding equipment, which can reduce the occurrence of some defects and obtain good welding quality.

(4) The width of the induction ring is 1~1.5D of the outer diameter of the steel pipe, and the distance from the center of the squeeze roll is 1~1.2D, which can effectively improve the production efficiency.

(5) Ensure that the front end of the resistor is exactly at the centerline of the squeeze roller so that a higher tensile strength of the weld and a good flattening effect can be obtained.

After understanding these contents, I believe that the process control of high-frequency longitudinally welded steel pipes will be clearer, and I believe that there will be a higher understanding of the subsequent manufacturing of high-frequency longitudinally welded steel pipes.




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