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Application status of laser cutting oil slotted pipe

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In oil drilling operations, an oil-slotted pipe is an important piece of equipment, often used for early completion or oil production and control. Currently, the most commonly used oil-slotted pipe is a wire-wound slotted pipe. The manufacturing method of this kind of oil-slotted pipe is to wind a steel wire of a certain cross-section on a metal liner evenly distributed on the surrounding screen rods or openings and weld it firmly, leaving a certain gap as a screen hole. Although this manufacturing method has been used by many manufacturers in China, this oil-slotted pipe has some problems when it is run down the well. Especially when it is forced to pass through the curved section of a highly deviated well or a horizontal well, it inevitably has to come into contact with the well wall or the Collision, extrusion, and friction of the casing may easily lead to a tangle of threads, causing damage to the oil slotted pipe or deformation of the gaps, resulting in reduced or ineffective completion quality and sand control effect. To address this drawback of the wire-wound slotted pipe, the pipe and slots are integrated The slotted pipe appears. Due to its superior performance and low price, the slotted pipe has been highly valued and widely used by major oil fields as soon as it appeared. It can be seen that the emergence of slotted pipes provides material conditions for the development of horizontal wells sidetracking wells and oil extraction in high sand reservoirs.




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