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Are steel elbows welded and seamless

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Steel elbows are divided into welded and seamless. The main difference lies in the raw materials. Seamless steel elbows are made of seamless pipes. Welded steel elbows refer to butt-welded steel elbows and straight seam steel elbows.

The difference between the butt-welded steel elbow and the seamless steel elbow is that the butt-welded steel elbow has two welds, the straight seam steel elbow has one weld, and the seamless steel elbow has no weld. The seamless steel elbow has the following advantages: hygienic and non-toxic, light in weight, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, good heat preservation, good impact resistance, and long service life.

1. Hygienic and non-toxic: the material is completely composed of carbon and hydrogen, and no toxic heavy metal salt stabilizer is added. The hygienic performance of the material has passed the inspection of the national authority.

2. Lightweight: The density of stamped steel elbows is 0.89-0.91g/cm, which is only ten times that of steel pipes. Due to its lightweight, it can greatly reduce transportation costs and the construction strength of the installation.

3. Good heat resistance: when the working water temperature is 70 degrees, the softening temperature is 140 degrees.

4. Good corrosion resistance: except for a few hydrogenating agents, it can resist the erosion of various chemical media, has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, will not rust, will not corrode, will not breed bacteria, and has no electricity chemical corrosion.

5. Good heat preservation: due to the low thermal conductivity of the material, the thermal conductivity at 20 degrees Celsius is 0.21-0.24W/mk, which is much smaller than steel pipe (43-52W/mk) and purple steel pipe (333W/mk), so PP-R Tube insulation is good.

6. High impact resistance: Due to the unique impact strength performance, it has been significantly improved compared with other solid wall pipes, and its ring stiffness is equivalent to 1.3 times that of solid walls.

7. Long service life: Under the rated operating temperature and pressure, the service life of the pipe can reach more than 50 years. It is anti-ultraviolet and anti-radiation so the product will never fade.




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