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ASTM A252 Welded And Seamless Steel Pipe Piles

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ASTM A252 is pipe piling material standard that has been widely used in constructions and structural buildings.This specification covers nominal thickness of the wall steel pipe piles of cylindrical shape and applies to pipe piles in which the steel cylinder acts as a permanent load-carrying member, or as a shell to form cast-in-place concrete piles. A252 specification includes three grades (1, 2, and 3), Grade 3 pipe piling material is the most used option.

ASTM A252 pile pipe material and manufacturing types

(1)Raw material making process

Raw material iron and steel could be made through the process of Open-hearth, Basic-oxygen, Electric-furnace.

(2)Seamless pipe pile

Seamless pipe pile referred as hot rolled or cold drawn and thermal expanded seamless pipe.

(3)Welded pipe pile

Welded pipe pile including ERW (electric resistance welded), flash welded, fusion welded or sub-merged welded SSAW or LSAW. Longitudinal or helical spiral welded.

Chemical Requirements Of A252 Steel Pipe Piles


Seamless and ERW Welded

Max% 0.050

The Grades of A252 Steel Pipe Piling

A252 Grade

Tensile Strength

Yield Strength

Grade 1

50,000 (345)

30,000 (205)

Grade 2

60,000 (415)

35,000 (240)

Grade 3

66,000 (456)

45,000 (310)

Allowable deviation for A252 steel piling pipe

Wall thickness: Not more than 12.5% under the nominal wall thickness specified.

Weights per foot: The weight of any individual length of pipe shall not vary more than 15% over or 5% under the weight specified. Each individual length shall be weighed separately.

Outside diameter: Shall not vary more than plus or minus 1% from the diameter specified.

Ends of  ASTM A252 piling pipe

Beveled (Can be Protected By Plastic Caps or Steel Rings According to Your Requirements)Also We Can Weld Flanges on the Pipe Ends Plain Ends


Surface treatment of ASTM A252 pipe

1) Bared

2) Black Painted (varnish coating)

3) Galvanized

4) With Oiled

5) 3 PE, FBE, corrosion resistant coating


Testing Requirements for seamless and welded A252 steel piling pipe

(1)Hydrostatic Testing: Not specified.

(2)Mechanical Tests:

Tensile Test: Either longitudinal or transverse at option of manufacturer.

(3)Number of Tests: One tensile test per 200 lengths.


The advantages of  a252 steel piling pipe

A252 steel piling pipe is used for dredging, slurry, water and other pipelines, as well as piling and structural applications.

A252 steel piling pipe is produced in accordance with the dimensional and tolerance requirements of various ASTM, AWWA, and API Specifications.



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