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Causes of Corrosion of Large-diameter Plastic-coated Steel Pipes

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Corrosion of clean water pipes:
Metal pipes account for 90% of my country's urban water supply pipelines. Whether they are cast iron or carbon steel pipes, corrosion, and scaling will occur during long-term operation. With the increase in service life, the corrosion in metal pipelines becomes more and more serious. Corroded and scaled pipelines often cause secondary pollution such as "red water" and "black water", bringing safety hazards to people's daily lives.

In addition, the corrosion of large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes and the generation of pipe scale will also reduce the effective water cross-section of the pipeline, increase water head loss, and increase water supply costs; at the same time, it will worsen the water quality and increase the microbial content in the water, thus further deteriorating the water quality and accelerating the Due to the corrosion of the pipe network, the effective water cross-section of the 100mm cast iron pipes with a service life of more than 60 years has been less than 30% of its initial value.

Factors affecting the corrosion of clean water pipes:
The corrosion process of clean water pipelines is affected by many factors, such as the material of the pipeline, hydraulic conditions, pH value, dissolved oxygen concentration, alkalinity, temperature, sulfate concentration, chloride ion concentration, disinfectant type, and content, natural organic matter content, etc.




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