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Causes of problems after improper heat treatment of seamless steel pipes

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Improper heat treatment of seamless steel pipes can easily lead to a series of production problems, resulting in greatly reduced product quality and turning into waste products. Avoiding mistakes that are prone to occur during heat treatment is cost savings. What problems should we pay attention to in the heat treatment process? Let's take a look at the common problems in the heat treatment of seamless steel pipes:

①Unqualified structure and performance of steel pipe: three elements caused by improper heat treatment (T, t, cooling method).

②The size of the steel pipe is unqualified: the outer diameter, ovality, and curvature are out of tolerance.

③Surface cracks of steel pipes: It is caused by too fast heating speed or cooling speed and excessive thermal stress.

④ Scratches or hard injuries on the surface of the steel pipe: the relative sliding between the steel pipe and the workpiece, tools, and roller table occurs.

⑤ The steel pipe is oxidized, de-C, overheated, or overburned. Caused by T↑ and t↑.

⑥ The surface of the steel pipe heat-treated by protective gas is oxidized: the sealing of the heating furnace is not good, and the air enters the furnace.

The furnace gas composition is unstable. It is necessary to strengthen the quality control of the heating of the billet (steel pipe).

After understanding the above reasons, I believe that whether in the processing of seamless steel pipes or the purchase of seamless steel pipes, there is a certain understanding of the reasons for the heat treatment of seamless steel pipes.




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