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Characteristics of internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes

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The internal and external epoxy resin-coated steel pipe is a steel-plastic steel pipe made of welded steel pipe as the base material and adopts sandblasting chemical dual pre-treatment, preheating, internal and external coating, curing, post-processing, and other processes. It has excellent comprehensive properties, strong corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and water resistance, and has the functions of drag reduction, anti-corrosion, pressure resistance, and antibacterial. It is generally not restricted by the transmission medium, and the plastic coating layer has a strong bonding force with steel. Coating material: outer polyethylene (PE) epoxy resin (EP) is suitable for working environments below 80°C. The steel pipe coating has extremely high adhesion, high hardness, good impact resistance, and good chemical corrosion resistance.




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