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Correct operation of straight seam steel pipe

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In the use of straight seam steel pipes in daily projects, the safe placement of straight seam steel pipes in projects is particularly important. How to properly place straight seam steel pipes?

1. When the straight seam steel pipe is hoisted, the wire rope is not allowed to be pulled diagonally to prevent the wire rope from falling out of the groove.

2. Pay attention during operation to ensure personal and equipment.

3. Always check the switches at the front and rear of the trolley, and whether the switch with the hook rising to the maximum limit is good and sensitive.

4. Lubrication points such as straight seam steel pipe gears, sprockets, chains, and ropes should be refueled on schedule.

5. The operation of the cantilever crane should be closely coordinated with the hanging personnel and obey the command of the hanging crane.

6. The hook should be full of tape rolls.

7. The wire rope should be replaced when 10% of the strands are broken.

8. Always check whether the hook lifting brake is good and sensitive.

9. The straight seam steel pipe should lift up and down gently when lifting the strip coil, and the operation should be stable, accurate, and light.

After understanding the correct operation of so many straight seam steel pipes, I believe that there will be more and more comprehensive placement methods for straight seam steel pipes in future projects.




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