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ERW Steel Pipe as the First Choice for Urban Gas Pipeline Network

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Why is ERW steel pipe the first choice for urban gas pipeline network? The main advantages and disadvantages are:
(1) High strength (large carrying capacity);
(2) The wall thickness is uniform and lighter than cast iron pipes of the same caliber; due to the high delivery pressure, it can be one grade lower than the caliber of cast iron pipes of the same flow rate. Therefore, the total weight is reduced, the metal is saved, and the cost is reduced;
(3) The price is cheaper than the ductile iron pipe; when the diameter is above 160, the price is cheaper than the "PE" pipe;
(4) The tensile strength is not only greater than the ductile iron pipe, but also 4 times that of the "PE" pipe;
(5) Good plasticity, earthquake resistance and stress crack resistance;
(6) The inner wall of the ERW straight seam welded pipe is smooth and the friction resistance is small, which avoids the precipitation of gas impurities and improves the pipeline transportation capacity;
(7) It is suitable for wide temperature range, convenient construction and tight welding interface. It can adapt to convey gas, liquefied petroleum gas mixed air and natural gas.
(8) However, in general, steel pipes have poor corrosion resistance, and anti-corrosion measures should be taken.




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