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How to Manufacture the Steel Reducer

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The steel reducers belong to chemical pipe fittings and are used for the connection between two pipes of different diameters. According to different shapes, it is divided into two types: concentric steel reducers and eccentric steel reducers. The head material includes stainless steel head (304304l316316l), alloy steel, and carbon steelhead, and the head is made of 20# steel, Q235, Q345, 16Mn, etc.

Production of steel reducers: steel reducers are a kind of pipe fittings used for pipe diameters. The commonly used forming processes are reducing diameter pressing, expanding diameter pressing or diameter reducing and expanding diameter pressing, and stamping can also be used for reducing pipes of certain specifications.

1. The diameter-reducing forming process of the small and large heads is to put the tube blank with the same diameter as the big end of the steel reducers into the forming die, and by pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank, the metal moves along the die cavity and Shrink forming. According to the size of the reducing diameter of the reducer, it is divided into one press forming or multiple press forming.

2. Stamping forming In addition to the use of steel pipes as raw materials to produce large and small heads, the large and small heads of some specifications can also be produced by stamping and forming process with steel plates. The shape of the die used for drawing is designed concerning the size of the inner surface of the large and small heads, and the blanked steel plate is punched and stretched by the die.




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