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Installation of stainless steel pipes

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The installation method of stainless steel pipes is the same as that of ordinary carbon steel, and some processes have the following process requirements.

1 Stainless steel materials should not be in direct contact with other metals when being lifted and should be padded with non-metallic materials such as wood boards or rubber boards.
2 It is not allowed to use ordinary grinding wheels for pipe cutting, but stainless steel special grinding wheels or plasma cutting should be used.
3 When tack welding stainless steel pipes and fittings, the inner side of the weld seam should be protected by argon filling.
4 The arc starting and closing, and are starting to adopt the reflow method, and the arc closing should fill the arc crater. The arc starting must be completed in the groove, and arc striking and arc starting on the surface of the base metal of the pipe and pipe fittings are prohibited. If defects such as air holes and cracks are found at the arc start and end arc, they should be cleaned up in time.
5 Stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings, and the connection between stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings, and non-stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings, the welded butt joints should be filled with argon protection before the bottom welding of the welded butt joints so that argon tungsten arc welding can be carried out.
6 The arc start and end arcs of multi-pass multi-layer welding should be staggered from each other.
7 When stainless steel materials are continuously welded, the interlayer temperature shall not exceed 60°C.
8. For the weld seam at the joint of the pipe connection, pickling and passivation treatment shall be carried out after welding.
9 The water pressure test of stainless steel pipes has certain requirements on water temperature and water quality, and the water temperature must not be less than 5°C; the chloride ion content in the water must be greater than 25Pmm




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