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Key points and main equipment for processing large diameter straight seam steel pipes

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Large diameter straight seam steel pipe process flow and main equipment:
① Process the two plate edges into the required form at one time. Steel plate edge milling machine: Mechanical processing of both sides of the plate used for pipe making, and making the parallelism of the two plate edges within the specified tolerance range, to manufacture high-quality steel plate. Precision steel pipe preparation.
② Make the edge of the steel plate have the same curvature radius as the radius of the formed steel pipe. Steel plate pre-bending machine: Pre-bend the edge of the steel plate with welding grooves on both sides processed by the edge milling machine. Prevent excessively long straight edges from forming the steel pipe formed by the forming machine and ensure the roundness of the steel plate.
③ Fully automatic steel pipe forming machine: completes the bending and forming of various metal sheets. Carry out further jointing and pre-welding, steel pipe pre-welding machine: form the qualified open tube blank by the forming machine to prepare for internal and external welding.
④The welding trolley transports the workpieces along the track. Double-wire internal welding machine: used for automatic submerged arc welding of large-diameter straight seam steel pipes, and cooperates with the host machine to achieve welding of the workpieces.
⑤ Steel pipe finishing machine to change the roundness of steel pipes: Apply strong pressure from the outside section by section too long round pipes with poor roundness to make them meet relevant specifications and usage requirements.
⑥Gantry mobile sensory straightening machine: used for straightening steel cylindrical pipes.
⑦ Straight seam steel pipe flat head chamfering machine: chamfer the end of the straight seam steel pipe according to the specified blunt edge and bevel angle.
⑧Improve the dimensional accuracy of steel pipes, steel pipe expander: eliminate stress.
⑨ Check whether there are any penetration defects in the steel pipe under the specified pressure. 3000T hydraulic testing machine: conduct a hydraulic test on the welded pipe. Eliminate welding stress and forming stress to ensure the performance of steel pipes.
⑩Able to detect longitudinal and transverse defects and heat-affected zone stratification defects. Line wave testing equipment: 100% line wave non-destructive testing of all welds.

With the continuous improvement of rural environmental protection requirements and the development of my country's petroleum and gas industry. In particular, the layout of the energy pipeline network has led to an increasing demand for straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipes, and there is an increasing demand for the localization of large-diameter straight seam steel pipes. The West-East Gas Transmission Project is a national standard project and requires 1.82 million tons of large-diameter straight seam steel pipes, of which 820,000 tons are large-diameter straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipes. Only part of them are domestic steel pipes.




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