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Large diameter steel pipe forming method

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Large-diameter steel pipes are used more and more in daily projects, and more and more people are asked about how large-diameter steel pipes are formed in daily communication with buyers. How about large-diameter steel pipes? What about molding?

1. Hot push system expansion method. The pushing and expanding equipment is simple, low in cost, convenient in maintenance, economical and durable, and flexible in changing product specifications. If you need to prepare large-diameter steel pipes and other similar products, you only need to add some accessories. It is suitable for the production of medium and thin-walled thick large-diameter steel pipes, and can also produce thick-walled pipes that do not exceed the capacity of the equipment.

2. Hot extrusion method. Before extrusion, the billet needs to be pre-processed by machining. When extruding pipe fittings with a diameter of less than 100mm, the equipment investment is small, the material waste is less, and the technology is relatively mature. However, once the diameter of the pipe fittings increases, the hot extrusion method requires large tonnage and high-power equipment, and the corresponding control system must be upgraded.

3. Hot piercing rolling method. Hot piercing rolling is mainly composed of longitudinal rolling and cross rolling. Longitudinal rolling and extension rolling mainly include limited moving mandrel continuous rolling, tube rolling with less stand restrained mandrel, three-roll restrained mandrel rolling and tube rolling with the floating mandrel. These methods have high production efficiency, low metal consumption, good products, and control systems, which are increasingly widely used.

The above is the way of forming large-diameter steel pipes. I must have a certain understanding of how to form large-diameter steel pipes after reading so much.




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