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Laying requirements for water steel pipelines

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(1) There are gravity water pipes and pressure water pipes for water delivery steel pipes. The gravity water conveying steel pipe adopts the self-flow method, the inspection wells are set up according to the requirements, and the spacing is generally 200-400m. In general, intake valves and exhaust valves should be installed in the uplift and upstream and downstream of the inverted siphon pipe. The low-lying part of the water pipeline is provided with a drainpipe and a drain valve.

(2) When the discontinuous water supply is not allowed, there are usually no less than two water delivery steel pipes, and one can be arranged if discontinuous water supply or multi-source water supply is allowed.

(3) Two or more water-conveying steel pipes should generally be provided with a connecting pipe, and the diameter of the connecting pipe is the same as that of the water-conveying pipe, or 20-30% smaller than that of the water-conveying pipe.

(4) There are necessary valves on the connecting pipe for maintenance.

(5) The distance between the valves of the water transmission pipeline needs to be determined according to the specific location, often in combination with the terrain undulations, obstacles, and the location of the connecting pipe.




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