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Length requirements of 3pe anticorrosion pipe in delivery

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3PE anti-corrosion steel refers embalmed process processing, can effectively prevent or slow down the spiral steel pipe chemical or electrochemical reaction in the course of transportation and corrosion phenomena. 3PE anticorrosion pipe length delivery, there are four provisions in existing standards:

(1) Where a pipe length is less than the lower limit of the quasi-standard length usually double length cut, etc., but not less than the minimum allowed length, known as short-foot length of it, but when enterprises cut steel for packaging, transportation and measurement side, depending on the circumstances best to cut several lengths of pipe size, and strive to avoid the chaos foot

Chanyu order orders which require a single integer multiple times the length, called double length, such as a single double length of 950mm, then cut into double-time ruler 1900mm, triple feet - (2) pipe double length is 950 × 3 = 2850mm, etc.

(3) steel pipe cut lengths - press are 5m. But the actual order requirements cut is 5m long, it is also a gauge of fixed length (fixed steel plate, for example, length of 5m, the number of delivery foot refers to the width and length) called on the length of the cut lengths of steel are impossible given allow positive deviation.

(4) the length of pipe is usually - also known as non-random length, where the length of pipe within the standard range and no fixed length, are usually called length.




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