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Methods to extend the service life of spiral steel pipes

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The first thing that should be thought of to extend the service life of spiral steel pipes is to do a good job in its anti-corrosion work. Because pipes are mostly stored outdoors, they are most likely to rust when exposed to wind and rain, and thus suffer corrosion. The pipes can be processed and manufactured. Adding anti-corrosion products is used for anti-corrosion in spiral steel pipes and also improves the smoothness of spiral steel pipes.

Since we talked about the production of spiral steel pipes above, let's talk about its processing. The pipes are required to be processed with large diameters to increase the pressure resistance of thick-walled pipes. The thickness is half of the pipe wall. For example, if steel is welded into a double-layer pipe, the strength will be higher than a single-cablesipe to prevent damage. Strengthen steelmaking technology and make extensive use of controlled rolling to improve strength, toughness and weldability.

In addition to the above points that can extend the service life of spiral steel pipes, in addition, pay attention to maintenance work during daily use. After all, the production process is certain, will be limited, and cannot be maintained for a long time, so certain maintenance work is required to extend the use. life.




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