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Notes of thermal expansion seamless tube

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Notes of thermal expansion seamless tube

1 Thermal expansion of pipe material after straightening the head and tail were cut at first, simply cut necking and pulling empty section and tail section cracked, cut no more; the end face to ensure smooth, not skewed;


2 Finishing classes at the test bench to be treated Flaring material surface inspection, outer flap, inner flap, crack, and a small number of external scarring shallow depth of grinding to clean, such as the outer flap more or deeper unable grinding directly sentenced waste, it can not be used to expand tubing; after grinding the thickness exceeds the negative deviation and Shuhei fill with welding;


3 Thermal expansion operatives came to power after the tubing rack, check the inside and outside surfaces and found that missed outside off, cracks and other defects with the grinding wheel clean, depending on the grinding depth with welded reinforcing and Shuhei;


4 By branch of pipe material wall thickness and length measurements and make a record, choose to expand the system specification according to the thickness gauge and length (φ273,325,377,426), to ensure that the finished cut head and tail length after not less than 6 meters; encountered stiff head tube to make a mark in the first part stiff in the pipe expansion process, when approaching the stiff head parts to slow the forward speed, an increase in temperature;


5 Flaring after completion of the inner and outer surfaces to be checked, did not eliminate the defects to be marked on the pipe and make records in the production records; grinding can be transferred to an annealing furnace clean after grinding;


6 Thermal expansion working class before the start of expanding the system, to measure the thickness of the front three pipe material, expanding the system and then measure the wall thickness, changes in wall thickness adapted to expand the system speed and temperature;


7 Thermal expansion of the two steel docking want to level, no level will be allowed to expand the system;


8 After each completed an expansion pipe wall thickness to be measured after expansion, is determined according to standards specifications and make production records.




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