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Packaging precautions for spiral steel pipe

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How to package the spiral steel pipe has always been a problem that needs attention. Next, I will tell you about the precautions for packaging spiral sense.

1. If the buyer has special requirements for the packaging material and packaging method of the spiral steel pipe, it should be specified in the contract; if not specified, the packaging material and packaging method can be selected by the supplier.

2. Packaging materials should comply with relevant regulations. If no packaging material is required, it should meet the intended purpose and avoid waste and environmental pollution.

3. If the customer requires that the spiral steel pipe should not have bumps and other damages on the surface, it can be considered to use a protection device between the spiral steel pipes. The protective device can use rubber, grass rope, fiber cloth, plastic, pipe cap, etc.

4. The thin-walled spiral steel pipe can be supported by the inner tube or protected by the outer frame of the tube due to the thickness and thinness of the wall. The material of the bracket and the outer frame adopts the same steel material as the spiral steel pipe.

5. The state stipulates that the spiral steel pipe shall be in bulk. If the customer requires bundling, it can be considered appropriate, but the caliber must be between 159MM and 500MM. The baled materials are packed and fastened with steel belts, each of which should be twisted into at least two strands, and should be appropriately increased according to the outer diameter and weight of the spiral steel pipe to prevent loosening.

6. If the two ends of the spiral steel pipe have threaded buckles, they should be protected by thread protectors. Apply lubricating oil or rust inhibitor to the thread. Both ends of the spiral steel pipe are broken, and pipe protectors can be added at both ends according to the requirements.

7. If the spiral steel pipe is put into the container, the container should be covered with soft moisture-proof devices such as textile cloth and straw mat. To scatter the spiral steel pipe in the container, it can be bundled or welded with protective brackets on the outside of the spiral steel pipe.




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