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Packing of steel pipe

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Packing of steel pipe basically divided into two categories: one is the common type of bundling, the other is similar container with a turnover box loaded.

Bundled packing

1. Avoid Pipe injured in baling and transport, baling signs to be uniform and consistent.

2. The same bundle of pipe shall be the same furnace number (batch), with the steel grade, the same size pipe, should not be mixed furnace (batch) bundling, inadequate bundle should be labeled as a small bundle.

3. Each bundle of steel weight shall not exceed 50kg. After the user agrees to increase bale weight, but the most important can not exceed 80kg.

4. When the flat end of the pipe for bundling, end should be aligned, align the end of the tube ends differ by less than 20mm, each bundle is less than the difference in length of steel pipe 10mm, but the length difference between the length of pipe in the usual order of each bundle of steel less than 5mm, a bundle of steel pipes longest and second longest no more than 10mm.

Pipe length is greater than or equal 6m, playing at least 8 per bundle strapping, divided into three groups, labeled 3-2-3; pipe length is less than 6m, at least a dozen 5 per bundle strapping, divided into three groups, labeled 2-1 -2; pipe length greater than or equal 3m, each bundle to play at least three straps, divided into three groups, labeled as 1-1-1. When there are special requirements, can be added on a single branch pipe 4 plastic snap ring or nylon ropes, snap rings or ropes should tie securely during transport does not have to appear loose and fall off.

Containers packaging

1. Cold-rolled or cold-drawn seamless steel pipe, hot-rolled surface-polished stainless steel tube, can be used containers (such as plastic crates and wooden boxes) packaging.

2. The weight of the container shall be packaged in accordance with Table 1. Agreed between the maximum weight of each container can be increased.

3. When the pipe into a container, the container wall should be mat cardboard, plastic sheeting or other moisture-proof material. Containers should be tightly inappropriate seepage.

4. For steel containers and packaging, a label should be included in the container. In the end surface of the outer container should also be linked to a plate.




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