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Pipe Joints

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Pipe joints is part connecting pipe or tubing mounted on a steel pipe,which is including: nuts, card sets, flaring core, flaring sets, flared nuts. Generally include end through connector; straight connectors, tees, elbows, with live nut joints, swivel joints, plug, transition joints.

Pipe joints is detachably connected to the point between elements and pipes. Acts as an indispensable role in the pipe, which is mainly composed of two hydraulic pipes one part.

It has a variety of types of pipe fittings, pipe joints commonly used in general can be divided into two kinds of hardware fittings and hose fittings. If in accordance with fittings and pipe connections to points, hardware fittings have flared, card sets and welded three, hose fittings are mainly withhold hose fittings.

Hydraulic system connection pipes and fittings are also different, pipe screwed into the threaded end of the connection is used. 

Taper thread tightened by virtue of their vertebrae and other substances using Teflon sealing operation, mainly used in low-pressure hydraulic systems.

Fine thread sealing effect is very good, is often used in high- pressure system, but it requires the use of a combination of gaskets or O-rings to work for a closed end face, sometimes used copper washers, it is more suitable in connection wall relatively thick pipe, its components are mainly joint body to take over and nuts. 

When in use, the connector body embedded target, with the use of the previously mentioned gasket will seal with a rubber seal between the connector body and take over, sometimes using spherical sealing manner. 

Because fittings are removable type of connection elements, which meet the normal connections are sec ure, sealing strong, reasonable size, pressure loss, good process performance requirements, etc., but also must meet the requirements to facilitate disassembly. 

Therefore, do not watch the one tiny little pipe fittings, because it exists only in order to prop up the existence of the entire hydraulic system.




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