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Pipeline welding

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Pipeline welding is used in welding, fusion welding pipes and pipeline manner, pipe and pipe fittings to connect.

The three elements of pipeline welding
Bi-metal wear on piping construction, though the operation is simple and easy to master, but both hot melt connection and fused connection procedure must be strictly controlled procedure, which is the operating process control. Rather than relying on a single weld to the final quality of the joint determination of eligibility. In fusion welding, for example, temperature, time and pressure welding process is the most important of the three factors, due to the pipeline fusion welding is vulnerable to environmental changes and human factors operating in the world have no uniform value , but in some countries using the pipe earlier formed a relatively complete and mature set of procedures and parameters calculation method, but in our country many pipeline project construction, three important factors that set general from poly ethylene (), the company offers, so there is a larger difference.

Moreover, in many places, construction workers barbaric construction quality accident also caused occur. Despite the temperature, time and pressure more emphasis on three important factors, but the whole operation of the other details are often easily overlooked.




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