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Pipelined HDPE flange connection device

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Pipelined HDPE flange connection device, including carbon steel pipe (1), lined HDPE pipe (2), carbon steel flange, HDPE flange (4), and metal ring gasket (5); carbon steel pipe (1) Carbon steel flanges are welded at the breaking point, the HDPE-lined pipe (2) is inserted into the carbon steel pipe (1) through a reduced diameter, and the HDPE flange (4) is connected to the end of the HDPE-lined pipe (2); The metal ring gasket (5) is installed on the end face of the flange, and the two adjacent carbon steel flanges are tightened by the fastener (6), and the metal ring gasket (5) is attached to the outer circumference of the HDPE flange (4). This utility model adopts the standard RJ steel flange and then selects the appropriate HDPE flange according to its structure and lining process, which can withstand high pressure above 20MPa. The joint material is simple and economical, easy to operate, and has strong application.

Pipe lined HDPE flange connection device,




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