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Points of Heating Welding Tube

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Pipe processing step requires strict, in which the hot rolling process is very important process, in which to introduce the following precautions during the heating pipe.

1. The pipe must be able to feed one of those metal properties were a good understanding Before rolling, when the deforming force is relatively low during the hot-rolled steel is very easy. But for the pipe material which still contains some ingot, so prior to hot rolling must be able to carry out some of them to eliminate those ingots, making it the organizational capacity and resilience are able to get some improvement, and also the pipe during the hot rolling process also will get a lot of protection.

2. Be sure to pay attention to each pipe section has a temperature uniformity in all directions during the hot rolling process, so that the pipe can better meet the requirements of the various technological aspects in later. In addition, the heating pipe is will affect a very important reason for the life of the pipe.

3. On the pipe during the heating process in which there will be a lot less than expected occurrence of the accident, and therefore in the process of working among them must be taken to minimize the occurrence of these accidents.

4. For each indicator heating process and the technical requirements are able to do a comprehensive preparatory work, thus extending the life of the pipe.

5. The pipe in the heating process which will be very easy to cause oxidative phenomena pipe, thus there will be some for the original weight loss, so before heating must be able to take into account the reasons.




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