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Precautions for purchasing straight seam steel pipes

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Many things have never been seen in the materials produced by construction projects, and they must be studied and studied. Here are some points that should be paid attention to in the purchase of straight seam steel pipes.

1. Purchasing needs to know the types of steel pipes:

a. According to the type: straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, etc.

b. Classification of cross-sectional shapes of straight seam steel pipes: square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes, flat oval pipes, semi-circular pipes, etc.

2. A few points to note:

In the early days of the steel pipe industry, there were many tricks to deceive people, but now people are more proficient in this industry, so those methods can be identified with our naked eyes.

a. The wall thickness of the steel pipe is not enough to use the gate method. The mouth end of the steel pipe looks thicker with a hammer shield, but it will be revealed when measured with an instrument.

b. Use the straight seam as a seamless steel pipe. The straight seam is less than a longitudinal weld. The whole steel pipe is polished with a machine, commonly known as polishing, and it looks like there is no gap to act as a seamless.

c. Now there is a more clever method is seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is also a thermal expansion steel pipe. After the expansion, there is a lead powder inside, and there are burning traces on the outside. The weld is also invisible. Many larger steel pipes are used as seamless steel pipes to sell for big profits.

d Girth welded straight seam steel pipe uses polishing to represent seamless steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe.




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