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Precision cold drawn tube

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Precision cold drawn tube (extubation fine) uses seamless steel pipe material as raw materials processing tolerance control and bright surface of a high-precision cold drawn tube. Precision cold drawn tube with a high precision, high finish, the inner wall of cleanliness steel pipe to withstand high pressure leak-free, cold-formed without deformation, flaring, flattening cracks characteristics for a variety of complex deformation and mechanical processing. Precision cold-drawn tube of the chemical composition of the carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P, Chromium Cr.


Main purpose: cars, motorcycles, refrigeration equipment, hydraulic parts, pneumatic cylinders, and other precision steel tube, finish, cleanliness, and mechanical properties of the high demands of customers.


Characteristics of precision cold drawn tube

1, the main features of precision cold drawn precision welding seams can withstand greater pressure. The product can be very rough cast or cold-drawn pieces.

2, precision cold drawn tube bore, tight tolerances and roughness of the outer wall size, high precision.




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