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Quality Problems of LSAW Steel Pipe

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In the lsaw steel pipe production process, because the primary process is in a hot state, so the heating operation is resolution product quality is very important process.

The heat with the furnace, according to their results, and reheating furnace is divided into two kinds; the former is used to billet heated from room temperature to the processing temperature; the latter is used in the process in the blank reheated to the required processing temperature.

Heating will be wrong in the outer surface of the tube surface may exhibit cracks, folds and migraine pain and other waste reason.

Furnace There are many ways, but the primary use is a ring furnace. This furnace has an annular hearth, it can slowly change the direction of the diameter of the blank along the bottom of the load from the entrance, a reversal can be used at the outlet of the heating and soaking temperature to the rule kind of stove. This operation is the key blank is heated uniformly heated to a temperature suitable for processing. Because a great impact on the quality of the perforation, that is, when the temperature of the process piercing is an important condition affecting the quality, it is generally the temperature of the billet piercing working is to manipulate.




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