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Repair method for leakage of pipeline flange

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The steel pipe pipeline is the main transportation channel for production. The supply of materials and the flow of the process are realized by pipelines of different specifications, pressure levels, and shapes. There are countless elbows, flanges, and welds in the running pipeline. If one of the interfaces fails or leaks out of control, it will threaten the normal operation of the entire device. Flange leakage is also often encountered. Due to the long-term erosion of the gasket by the corrosive medium, the gasket undergoes chemical changes. The corrosive medium penetrates the gasket, the gasket begins to soften, loses the pressing force, and causes flange leakage. To achieve limited sealing, a fixed clamp method is used to contain the leakage point to form a sealed cavity, and sealant is injected to eliminate leakage.

The principle of the fixture: The method of injection molding the fixture is to process the fixture according to the shape of the pipe, pipe fitting, flange, and leakage point size. The fixture is a cavity at the leak point, and the edge of the fixture cavity matches the shape of the pipe or pipe fitting. Glue screw hole; fasten the clamp, connect the high-pressure glue injection gun, and inject glue into the cavity of the clamp, to establish a sealed cavity to achieve the effect of plugging.

Selection of sealant: The selection of sealant is based on the temperature of the leakage system and the characteristics of the leakage site, and the use of Handico polymer composite material, the material has excellent temperature resistance, medium resistance, and injection process performance, it is easy to establish a uniform and dense sealing structure, and the sealing can be maintained. long-term stability.




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