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Spiral piling pipe

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In recent years, offshore deep-water dock project has been large-scale construction in the domestic coastal, as the bearing capacity of the pile of deep-water wharf, commonly used spiral weld large diameter piling pipe; In addition, bridges, roads, high-rise buildings also need piling pipe.

Besides, piling pipe is a structural building material used to support and stabilize a building's foundation. When the soil below a building is loosely packed, it may not offer enough strength to keep the building stable over time. A pipe piling can be used to distribute the weight of the building deeper into the earth, where the soil is often more tightly packed.

Nominal outside diameter of piling steel pipes: 219-3620mm
Usually length: 8.0 --- 12m

Manufacturing methods of spiral welded steel pipe pile 
Spiral Pipe is a strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, two-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process automatically welded spiral seam steel pipe.

Appearance quality of piling steel pipe
Steel pipe weld surface shall not have cracks, broken arc, craters and holes and other defects, the above-mentioned defects of the weld to allow welding defects allow grinding or repair. Pipe to allow the strip rival weld, steel pipe to allow the docking from two pipe butt welding can be submerged arc welding or manual welding process.




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