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Stainless Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Operation

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1. Workpieces and fixtures should be cleaned of foreign objects such as oil, residual salt, paint, etc. before heat treatment
2. The fixture used for the first time in the vacuum furnace should be degassed and purified in advance of a vacuum degree not lower than the required vacuum of the workpiece

1. In the heat treatment process, the easily deformed workpiece should be heated on a special fixture
2. The workpiece should be placed in an effective heating zone

For workpieces with complex shapes or sharp changes in the interface and large effective thickness, preheating should be carried out

1. Workpieces with grooves but not through holes, castings and welded parts, and processed stainless steel workpieces are generally not suitable for heating in a salt bath furnace
2. Workpiece gal should have enough heat preservation time, which can be based on the effective thickness of the workpiece and the thickness of the condition

1. When martensitic stainless steel heat-resistant steel is air-cooled, it should be scattered in a dry place
2. After martensitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel are quenched and cooled to room temperature, visitors are cleaned, categorically treated, or splurge
3. After the workpiece is quenched, it should be tempered in time. The time interval should not exceed 4h. The steel used for the workpiece contains low carbon content and the shape of the workpiece is simple, which should not exceed 16h.
4. For welded assemblies composed of martensitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, the time interval between welding and subsequent heat treatment should not exceed 4h




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