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Steel pipe derusting methods

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Pickling rust
Generally, using chemical and electrolysis ways to do pickling processing pipeline anti-corrosion chemical pickling can remove the oxide scale, rust, old coatings, and sometimes used as a sand-blasting after reprocessing. Although chemical cleaning can reach the surface cleanliness and roughness, the bolt pattern light, and easy to pollute the environment.

Spray radio rust
Spray radio rust by high-power seamless steel pipe motor-driven jet (throw) shooting leaves high-speed rotation, making the grit, steel shot, wire, minerals and other abrasive under the centrifugal force on the steel pipe surface spray (throwing ) irradiated, not only can completely remove the rust, oxides and dirt, and the steel abrasive violent shocks and the role of friction, but also to achieve the required uniform roughness. Spray (throwing) radio rust, can not only expand the physical adsorption of the tube surface, and can enhance the mechanical adhesion of the coating with the tube surface. Therefore, spray (throwing) radio rust pipeline corrosion ideal rust ways of. Generally, shot peening (sand) blasting is mainly used for pipe surface treatment, shot blasting (sand) blasting is mainly used for pipe outer surface of the processing. Using spray (throwing) radio rust should pay attention to several issues.
Instrument rust
Using instrument such as wire brush to polish the steel surface to remove loose or the tilt of the oxide scale, rust, welding slag. Rust can reach Sa2 grade manual tools, power tools rust can be achieved Sa3 level, if the steel surface attached to a solid oxide scale, the result is not satisfactory tools rust, amounting to less than anti-corrosion construction requirements anchor pattern depth pickling.




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