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Steel pipeline cleaning technology

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1. [Winch dredging]:

First, use bamboo chips to pass through the steel pipeline to be cleaned, and then use the winches on the inspection wells at both ends of the steel pipeline to reciprocate the wire ropes, so that the sludge is pushed into the downstream inspection wells by the cleaning tools. The winches are manual, motorized, electric, etc. There are also many kinds of tools, which are selected according to the diameter of the steel pipe and the needs of users. This method is suitable for steel pipelines of various diameters and is more suitable for steel pipelines with serious steel pipeline silting and dense silt bonding.

Disadvantages of dredging by winch: Sending bamboo chips from one wellhead to another needs to be done manually. The very harsh working environment in the well brings great inconvenience to the work, and it is easy to cause safety accidents.

2. [Water scouring and dredging]:

The method is to make a water-retaining device, which is put into the dredging steel pipeline through the inspection well. Due to the limitation of the size of the wellhead, the components of the device are generally put into the steel pipeline in blocks and then assembled. After the dredging device is assembled, put it in a certain position of the steel pipeline, and use the device to block the sewage in the steel pipeline upstream of the device. of sludge.

Disadvantages of water scouring and dredging: a relatively large amount of work must be completed in the sewer. A similar method is to use locally installed facilities, such as sewer gates, for scouring and dredging.

3. [High-pressure water jet dredging]:

For high-pressure water jet cleaning, a high-pressure water jet truck is equipped with a large water tank, a motorized hose reel, a high-pressure water pump, and a water jet nozzle. During operation, a car engine drives a high-pressure pump, which pressurizes the water and sends it to the water injection nozzle. The reaction force generated by the backward spray causes the water injection nozzle and the hose to move forward together in the opposite direction, and also cleans the steel pipe wall at the same time; when the nozzle reaches the downstream inspection During the well, the motorized winch retracts the hose, and the water jet continues to spray water to flush the residual sediment to the downstream inspection well, which is sucked away by the dredge truck.

Advantages of high-pressure jet dredging:

A. Select the appropriate pressure, the high-pressure water jet will not damage the body of the equipment being cleaned;

B. Washing and cleaning with ordinary water will not pollute the environment, will not corrode equipment, will not cause any mechanical damage, and can also remove special dirt that is insoluble in chemical cleaning;

C. The cleaned equipment and parts do not need to be cleaned again;

D. It can clean parts with complex shapes and structures and can be cleaned in places with narrow spaces, complex environments, and harsh and harmful places;

E. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and it is convenient for digital control;

F. Energy saving, high cleaning efficiency, and low cost.




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