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Storage method of spiral welded pipe

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Storage method of spiral welded pipe is as follows:
1 The place where custody spiral steel pipe venues or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, smooth drainage away from the produce harmful gases or dust factories and mines. The presence on the ground to clear the weeds and all the debris, keeping a clean spiral steel pipe;

2 spiral steel pipe shall not corrosive material with acid, alkali, salt, cement, steel stacking. The different varieties of different steel materials should be stacked separately, to prevent confusion and to prevent contact corrosion;

3 large section steel, rails, shame steel plate, large diameter steel pipes, forgings open dumps;

4 Small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, rebar, in diameter steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, can be stored in a well-ventilated material shed, but it must be on the thatch underlay;

5 Small steel, steel sheet, strip, silicon steel sheet, small caliber or thin-walled steel pipe, a variety of cold-rolled, cold-drawn steel and high prices, the corrosion of metal products, storage warehousing;

6 Warehouse should be selected according to geographical conditions, generally use ordinary closed coffers, that roof with walls, doors and windows tightly warehouse with ventilation;

7 Warehouse pay attention to ventilation in sunny, rainy days note close moistureproof to keep the storage environment.




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