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Straight seam steel pipe anti-corrosion paint

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The performance and function of the original color straight seam steel pipe in the specific use process, the fully demonstrated operational contribution, and the resulting use performance. After painting, the straight seam steel pipe is also very energetic and beautiful when it is sprayed with white characters. Pipe fittings, whether it is carbon steel straight seam steel pipe, carbon steel head, or carbon steel tee, cross, and other welded pipe fittings, are all in primary color, saving the process. Even if it was painted, it was only good-looking at the time, and it played a role in preventing the surface from rusting. After the straight seam steel pipe is welded to the pipe, it still needs to be painted for anti-corrosion. Then carry out the process of keeping warm.

The performance and function of straight seam steel pipe and primary color straight seam steel pipe in the specific use process, the fully demonstrated operation contribution, and the best use performance. After brushing the paint and spraying white characters, the straight seam steel pipe also looks very energetic and beautiful, adding a very good appearance. This is why, for two reasons. It turns out that the straight seam steel pipe keeps its original color, and the original surface can be seen, and it will not be falsified. The construction period of the straight seam steel pipe can be advanced, and it can be loaded and left as soon as it is produced.

What is the original color straight seam steel pipe? It is to use carbon steel pipe to produce the existing straight seam steel pipe. This color is red (the straight seam steel pipe is pushed out during the production process), and there is also blue, which is the straight seam steel pipe of the original color. The original straight seam steel pipes cannot be sold without anti-rust paint. It is mostly semi-finished products. It's almost an industry standard. Without this, it is not a complete straight seam steel pipe. During construction in winter, the pipes are not easily broken due to impact, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangements and is environmentally friendly, and can be recycled without polluting the environment. If it cannot be recycled, it will cause secondary pollution; there are problems such as controlling the degree of cross-linking and cross-linking uniformity, and the processing is complicated and directly affects the performance of the pipe.

Two points to teach you how to distinguish straight seam steel pipes:
1. Distinguish straight seam steel pipes according to the outer diameter: thin-diameter straight seam steel pipes with outer diameters between φ4.76 and φ12.70 mm; small-diameter straight seam steel pipes with outer diameters between φ13-φl14 mm; The diameter between φ114-φ406 mm is medium diameter straight seam steel pipe; the outer diameter is larger than φ406 mm is large diameter straight seam steel pipe.
2. Distinguish welded pipes according to wall thickness: Welded pipes can be classified according to the ratio of wall thickness t to steel pipe outer diameter D. There are five types of welded pipes: ① t/D is less than 2% for extra thin-walled pipes; ② t/D is equal to 2-5 % is thin-walled pipe; ③ t/D greater than 5-12% is ordinary wall pipe; ④ t/D is greater than 12-18% is a thick-walled pipe; ⑤ t/D greater than 18% is special original wall pipe.

Thin-walled pipes, common-walled pipes, and thick-walled pipes are not conceptually distinguished by the value of the wall thickness. However, some standards have three different wall thicknesses corresponding to the same outer diameter. The pipes of these three wall thicknesses may be named thin-walled pipes, ordinary wall-thickness welded pipes, and thickened straight seam steel pipes in this standard.

Because of the special functions such as corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation ability, anti-static, etc. of the longitudinal seam welded pipe, as well as the elegant appearance and durability of the longitudinal seam welded pipe, it has gradually become a trend to use it to make some machinery, components, and springs. With the continuous maturity and stability of the technological process, the "Xiangyang" industrial product longitudinal seam welded pipe, which has been developing and growing in recent years, is gradually penetrating various fields such as practical hardware and the architectural decoration industry with its advanced performance and polynomial functions. And as people become more and more familiar with it, its demand will become more and more rapid, and its application field will also become wider and wider. Another example is the wide application of welding rods and a large number of stainless steel components, connectors, etc., and its field has also been widely occupied by longitudinal welded pipes. In addition, along with the full-line development and rational use of high-tech products, the application range of longitudinal welded pipes has also been further expanded. Many industries that need to be updated have adopted longitudinal welded pipes, especially in the chemical industry and chemical fiber industries. Industrial equipment transformation.




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