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Straight seam steel pipe corrosion insulation processing

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Hot straight seam steel pipe manufacturers, the small caliber in the output of crude oil or heating pipes, in order to reduce the heat pipes to the soil, outside the pipe plus insulation composite layer. Commonly used insulation material is a rigid polyurethane foam, a temperature of -185 ~ 120 ℃. This material is soft texture, to increase its strength, add insulation on the outside cladding layer of high-density polyethylene layer, forming a composite structure, in order to prevent infiltration of groundwater within the insulation.


Ordinary straight seam steel pipe for use in harsh environmental conditions, there will be severe corrosion, which will reduce the life of the steel pipe, anti-corrosion pipe insulation is relatively long service life, under normal circumstances can be used are 30-50 years or so, and the correct installation and use is also possible to make the pipe network maintenance costs low, corrosion pipe insulation can also set the alarm system, automatic leak detection pipe network fault, fault location and exact knowledge will automatically alarm


Pipe insulation is widely used in the construction and promotion, and production technology constantly improve and popularize. Pipe insulation has a good performance can promote their use in a good range, different parts of the structure and cooperate with each other in use, play an important role and value. Polyurethane foam has good mechanical properties and thermal insulation properties, usually can be temperature 120 ℃, by modification or other insulating material combinations can be temperature 180 ℃.




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