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Technical characteristics of double-sided submerged arc welded spiral steel pipe

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1. During the forming process of double-sided submerged arc welded spiral steel pipe, the steel plate is uniformly deformed, the residual stress is small, and the surface is not scratched. The processed steel pipe has greater flexibility in diameter and wall thickness within the steel pipe size specification, especially in the production of high-grade thick-walled steel pipes, especially large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes, which have incomparable advantages. Other processes can meet the user's requirements for steel pipe specifications;

2. The process of pre-welding and then internal and external welding (fine welding) can be used to realize in-situ welding, and it is not easy to have defects such as dislocation, welding deviation, and incomplete welding, which is easy to control the welding quality;

3. The overall mechanical expansion can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe and improve the distribution of the internal stress of the steel pipe, thereby avoiding the damage caused by stress corrosion, and at the same time, it is beneficial to the on-site welding construction;

4. Carry out 9 100% quality inspection on steel pipes, so that the whole process of steel pipe production can be effectively inspected and monitored, and the quality of submerged arc welded steel pipes is effectively guaranteed;

5. All equipment of the entire production line has the function of networking with the computer data acquisition system to realize real-time data transmission, and the central control room collects technical parameters and quality indicators in the production process.




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